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“Courage is not the lack of fear; It is acting in spite of it.”

--Mark Twain

When DNA Expert testimony is needed, you are in excellent hands with Dr. Spence. He is exceptionally skilled when it comes to clarifying complex Forensic DNA issues for jurors.

Dr. Spence fully understands the theoretical, forensic biological, and molecular genetic aspects of his testimony. However, he explains the science while adeptly avoiding unnecessary jargon. Dr. Spence's testimony will be presented in terms that are readily understood by attorneys, judges, and jurors spanning a broad range of educational backgrounds. Please view Dr. Spence’s PowerPoint PRESENTATIONS, including Essentials of Effective Trial Testimony.

Please note that the most effective way to contact Spence Forensic Resources is via e-mail:, and all phone contact should go through the number: 575-640-2360


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